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Sam Pearce

Mental Health Advocate & passionate well-being warrior for change within the service industry sector.   Sick and tired of the unspoken agreement that ALL our services are free of charge & fiercely determined to put the correct protocols in place to safeguard you, your team, and in turn your clients.  Teaching you the skills to put boundaries in place will benefit productivity and reduce the signs of burn out, absenteeism & presenteeism.   With over 21 years in the beauty industry and over 40 national and global awards for women in business and setting the standards within the beauty industry

“Self care isn’t about ego it’s about self-respect”

Unrivaled industry-endorsed training combining over 21 years of multi-award-winning knowledge, conventional MHFAE & tailored techniques combining multiple training methods, entirely unique and bespoke to our industry.  You deserve the best working life, with respect as a given. 

Who Are We?

Low Ears Group – To educate, empower, and support our industry through focussed industry-endorsed training and access to our multiple platform site with access to experts who excel in their field of therapy,  a community with one common interest,

Integrated Wellness

Providing a brand-new holistic approach to managing and improving mental wellbeing in the workplace, you can’t improve it if you can’t measure it, we have created the ultimate tool to monitor the mood of you and your staff, a remote way of keeping an eye on you.

The Low Ears Group is a pack, best in breed – exceptionally skilled practitioners offering different types of therapy all under 1 roof, we have to change the language and landscape about mental well-being, 1 method of therapy doesn’t suit all.

Join our pack – are you ready to be the best version of you? (BIB best in breed)  Do you want access to our best in show, our industry leaders and specialists in over 100 types of therapy from nutritional psychiatry to laughter therapy  – we understand that healing isn’t linear, our approach is tailored entirely to your specific needs and requirements.

Why the name Low Ears?

Low Ears is a safeguarding tool that can be implemented into your working life to monitor how it is you are feeling.  The continuum scale (the natural state of being–see below) fluctuates on any given day – too low for too long and equally too high for too long is a red flag, with mental health being a day 1 right in the work place it is an essential part of your tool kit to protect you and your team.  You will log your ‘ear position’ which will be monitored and the data collated to provide a holistic overview of your continued state of mental health.  Sometimes it can be too hard to explain how you are feeling in words, a sign or symbol can be enough, there will also be a platform for you to journal how you are feeling.

‘If you can’t measure it you can’t mend it’.


Very anxious

Low mood



Very poor sleep

Weight loss





Poor performance

Poor sleep

Poor appetite






Trouble sleeping







Sleeping well

Eating normally

Normal social activity





High performace


Fully realising potential





Heart & Soul


The first step to a newer you, the best version of you…


Ground breaking methods combining multiple techniques to teach the skills to manage you, your team, your clients’ mental health.

The training comprises of 7 hours instruction and certification on a passed exam.  This qualification will revolutionize your business, and more importantly you. Once qualified this will be a clear message to everyone that you are to be taken seriously and you have put yourself first. Healing isn’t linear.

Peer to peer support from a group of exceptional professionals who have personal experience with mental health challenges, we fully understand inside and out, without judgment.


The Low Ears Group launch ‘rescue’ plan for re-homing therapists who want a change of career, providing shelter and care to empower them to succeed.  The Corona virus pandemic has created amongst many things time to re-evaluate and take stock of how we have been conducting our professional lives.

Given the emphatic nature of our industry there is a trend for therapists who feel they have served their customers for long enough and want to learn a whole new sill set, focussing on mental wellbeing, this is where the Low Ears Group comes in.

This unique and groundbreaking mental health qualification that allows you to utilise your existing skill set. 


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